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The modern approach to personalized test prep

Study smart

  - Learn from mistakes using insightful

    statistical analysis developed by a

    Stanford PhD

  - Benefit from powerful software not

    available at other centers


Local Center

  - Enjoy a community environment with

    local accountability




SAT Prep

Dynamic curriculum

 - Tailored to fit your needs - we do not

    believe in the “one size fits all” approach


Developed by Stanford Graduates

 - Many years of experience with college

   counseling and test preparation


Rely on our college admissions experience




Prosper can:

- Review your college application

- Advise on what colleges are looking for

- Find the right college for you

- Ensure you never miss a deadline

- Provide feedback on your college application essays


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College Counseling

7th - 11th Graders


Prosper can:

- Help you build the skills necessary to succeed in college

- Improve your study skills and get you on a path to earning good grades

- Help with your SAT preparation

- Ensure that you complete all requirements before applying to college


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Reach your academic goals

Prosper tutoring:

- Increases student learning and ensures good grades

- Teaches study skills that help students learn more effectively

- Develops confidence in areas where students struggle

- Encourages a passion for learning


Tutoring is available for:



Subject Test, Advanced Placement (AP)

Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II/Trig, Calculus, Advanced Calculus, Linear Algebra

English, Writing

Biology, Chemistry, Physics


Other Subjects


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