• Our Approach

    Personalized Services

    Student needs vary greatly and a one-size-fits-all solution is rarely successful.  At Prosper, we provide personalized services that address the individual needs of each student.  We recognize that students have different strengths, priorities, and personal goals, which require us to adapt our services as needed.


    Strong Mentor Relationships

    Students need strong mentors.  At Prosper, we focus on building meaningful relationships with our families throughout the program, which allows us to guide students more effectively. Many of our students stay in touch long after high school graduation.


    'Under One Roof' Services

    Students thrive academically when their education partners work together.  Prosper strives to bring the perspective of college counselor, test prep instructors, academic tutors, parent, and student under one roof.  This allows learning across disciplines, cohesive goal setting, and quick identification of a student's unique needs.

  • Our Values

    Our core values guide our daily interactions with clients and are present in every business partnership.



    Inclusive  Community


    Meaningful Learning Outcomes

    Positively Impact Young Minds

  • Our Innovative Method

    At Prosper, we strive to create innovative practices and programs.  We believe that our methods should be supported by data and constantly improved as technology provides new possibilities.


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