You may not want to hear this, but preparing for the SAT takes time!  The college board reminds us that the SAT tests concepts that students learn in school. While this is often the case, many students still need to review forgotten concepts or learn concepts that they never mastered previously. Studying for the SAT requires dedication and time.  Start early!


Our Favorite SAT Books




Study SAT Vocabulary


See our resources for vocabulary building.  Get free access to our SAT vocabulary list on Quizlet by joining our SAT Quick Study Class!



Two Week Game Plan

The two week game plan is designed for students who want to study for the SAT before attending a test prep course.  This game plan can also be useful for students that do not wish to spend a lot of time studying for the SAT.  This two week plan will NOT completely prepare you for the test, but it will help you get ahead!


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