Special Needs Programs


There should be no barriers to education.


An increasing number of students with special needs are attending colleges across the nation. Students with special needs must not only navigate the complex application process, but also explore whether a college provides the support that they need to achieve success. At Prosper, we assist students and families with this tedious process.


Services Include:


-  Provide a supportive environment that welcomes all students

-  Provide educational counseling and college planning services

-  Assist students in requesting accommodations in school and on standardized tests

-  Research disability services on specific college campuses

-  Help a family identify potential obstacles and find reasonable solutions

-  Assist students with presenting their unique circumstances to the college


We have helped students with physical disabilities, visual and hearing impairments, autism, aspergers syndrome, and learning disabilities.


All students are welcome!


We are also able to work with students that are not local residents via Skype.



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