The Prosper Method


Traditional vs. the Prosper Method

At Prosper College Prep, we have abandoned the traditional “one size fits all” approach to SAT test prep.  Traditional test prep requires students to waste time learning concepts that they already understand and fails to provide a focus on areas that need improvement.


The Method

Prosper College Prep utilizes a computer software program to analyze each SAT diagnostic test taken by your child to determine areas where the student should focus on within their individualized test prep plan.  As time progresses, students master the initial problem areas and the system highlights the next concept to focus on.  This results in a truly dynamic, personalized curriculum that is cutting-edge in the test prep industry.


Software Technology Explained

In a partnership with Dr. Erik Corona, an experienced informatics expert with a Ph.D. from Stanford University, the software used by the prosper method removes the guesswork by providing a personalized road map supported by student data.  The software program uses sophisticated machine learning methodology and data mining to automatically highlight concepts to study. Our system is constantly re-assessing each student’s mastery of individual concepts and directing student learning in the direction that ensures effective outcomes.




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