How To Build Vocabulary

We often see many students attempt to learn thousands of vocabulary words right before their SAT.  This is not an effective approach. Our highest score achievers start developing their skills early.  The most effective approach is to simply read books. You can find our list of suggested books on our Need To Read Book List.


Students can also memorize the 100 most common SAT words.  It is also important to earn the parts of a word (root/prefix/suffix), which allows students to determine the meanings of unfamiliar words.  You can access our Free SAT Vocabulary list and root/prefix/suffix by joining our Quizlet SAT Quick Study class now. Quzlet is a flashcard learning tool that is free for students to use.

Access our Free SAT Vocabulary List


Beyond reading, students can also build vocabulary by taking advantage of several great books that are available.

Wordly Wise

Wordly Wise is a wonderful vocabulary building program for students of all ages.  (Prosper's Founder, Stacy Bennett, even used this program as a child!)


Wordly Wise Overview: Grades K-6

Wordly Wise Overview: Grades 6-12


The books coincide with the students grade level, but do not hesitate to work ahead for an additional challenge!

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Our Favorite SAT Vocabulary Books & Flashcards



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